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Search Hints:

Seaching can make finding recipes easy. There are the obvious things to search on like ingredients, e.g. banana or chicken. But some words are added to the recipe that may not be visiable to help refine searches even more. A partial list includes:

  • comfort-to help find comfort foods.
  • potluck-for recipes that work well for potluck dishes.
  • christmas-recipes we associate with Christmas
  • thanksgiving-recipes we associate with Thanksgiving
  • vegitarian-recipes that don't include animal parts
  • historic-recipes that we haven't made in a long time if ever but we popular at one time in our family and friends

Below are some example on how to find recipes. It's important to know that only words 4 characters or longer will be searched.

apple banana
Find recipes that contain at least one of the two words (apple or banana).

+martin +comfort
Find recipes that contain both words, in this case all the Martin family comfort foods.

+apple macintosh
Find results that contain the word `apple`, but rank results higher if they also contain `macintosh`.

+apple -macintosh
Find results that contain the word `apple` but not `macintosh`.

Find results that contain words such as `apple`, `apples`, `applesauce`, or `applet`.

"some words"
Find results that contain the exact phrase `some words` (for example, results that contain `some words of wisdom` but not `some noise words`).