Vanilla Extract: Submitted by: Robert Losee | Date Added: 11 Aug 2014 Ingredients:

1 750ml bottle of Flor de Caņa rum (7 year for complex flavor, 5 year for a bit of a cost savings)
9 vanilla beans

Cooking Instructions:

1) Pour off enough rum to make a drink, and to enjoy the rest of the process more..

2) Cut the beans lengthwise, splitting them, but leaving an inch at the end connected.

3) Put the beans in the rum bottle.

3 Give the bottle a good shake every once in a while. Store in a dark, cool place for 2 months or longer.

This can last a long time (years), but its unlikely because it tastes so good. You can keep topping it off with rum once in a while as you use it, just remember to give it a good shake.

You can also make vanilla sugar by putting a split vanilla bean into a jar of white, granulated sugar. Great way to infuse the sugar with vanilla flavor for baking.

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