Pizza Bella Brussel Sprouts, Crispy (roasted): Submitted by: Robert Losee | Date Added: 13 Sep 2011 Ingredients:

Brussels sprouts
pecorino Romano cheese
dried cranberries
olive oil
pancetta, chopped

cup white vinegar
1 cups olive oil
1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 Tablespoon grainy mustard
1 Tablespoon sugar to taste

Cooking Instructions:

My son Stewart introduced me to Pizza Bella in Kansas City. If you're in Kansas City check it out. They've got great wood fired pizzas and other goodies. One of the best things are an antipasto dish that combines Brussel Sprouts with cranberries. I told the chef how great they were and asked how he did it. He wrote this on the back of a paper napkin. Like many chefs, he's winging this depending on the how things taste, but it gives you a good start. You might also check out Good Food Cheap for other hints on how to do this.

1) Make Vinaigrette mixing all ingredients in a blender.

2) Cut Brussel sprouts in half. Microwave a couple minutes to heat them. If you roast them you can put the pancetta on to let cook. If you grill them, saute the pancetta to be added at the end. Grill or roast until they're tender, some outer leaves will be burned. Put almonds, vinaigrette, and cheese in and serve.

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